Are you a PROFESSIONAL PLAYER? We develop careers & export talent worldwide. We specialize in representation & sports contract negotiations.

Are you a CLUB? We searched specific profiles for clubs: players and coaches. We have an extensive network (Latin America, Europe, Africa & Asia).

Are you a COACH ? We help you develop your career. We searched for clubs according to your profile, and negotiate your contract.

Are you an AGENT ? We work with agents in different parts of the world. Contact us & we will respond within the next 24 hours!

About us

Más Ideas Sports is a company formed by a team of international experts dedicated to the representation & negotiation of sports contracts (players & coaches), searches for specific profiles for clubs, management, legal, sports marketing & agreements.

The trust, the permanent protection of the image of our clients combined with an authentic, fluid and transparent communication are our main principles to generate, not only a good relationship between Agent-Player, but also a fast professional and personal growth of our represented.

We have a extensive network continuously growing with clubs, agents, players and coaches that provide us with a solid knowledge of the market and the opportunities available for transfers worldwide.

To learn more about our services, please click MANAGEMENT, OTHER SERVICES or contact us HERE

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