In MAS IDEAS SPORTS SPAIN! we dedicate ourselves to the development and representation of professional football players & coaches.

We have our own NETWORK in more than 9 countries (Latin America, Europe, Africa & Asia). We make specific searches for clubs and work in collaboration with prestigious agents worldwide.

Mas Ideas Sports has the FIFA AGENT title awarded by the International Federation of Association Football, plus an experienced team in key areas.



We specialize in the representation & negotiation of sports contracts (players & coaches), searches for specific profiles for clubs, management, legal, sports marketing & agreements.

Are you a player?

We develop careers & export talent worldwide. We specialize in representation & sports contract negotiations.

We help you in developing and finding the best opportunities for your career, in sports contract negotiations, in your adjustment to a new country, in identifying new opportunities prior to the expiration of your contract and the planning of the end of your career.

Are you a coach?

We help you to develop your career. We searched for clubs according to your profile, and negotiate your contract.

Are you a club?

We search specific profiles for clubs: players and coaches.
We have an extensive network (Latin America, Europe, Africa & Asia).

Are you an agent?

We work with agents in different parts of the world.
Contact us if:

• you want to expand your contacts network
• work together for mutual benefit
• need help to contact a player, coach or club
• need help negotiating contracts with clubs locally

To learn more about our services, please contact us HERE

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