In MAS IDEAS SPORTS SPAIN! we dedicate ourselves to the development and representation of professional football players & coaches.

We have our own NETWORK in more than 9 countries (Latin America, Europe, Africa & Asia). We make specific searches for clubs and work in collaboration with prestigious agents worldwide.

Mas Ideas Sports has the FIFA AGENT title awarded by the International Federation of Association Football, plus an experienced team in key areas.


Other services

The professional management of the clubs is a phenomenon that is in constant growth. Because of the fact that each person we represent is unique and different from the rest, we develop a personalized plan based on aims and individual objectives. Mas Ideas Sports develops all the analysis and management abilities to act inside the sports market.


Sports in general are constituted by rules, laws, strong principles and pre-established values. Because of all these, it is important to rely on persons who protect the performance of these aspects. For that reason, the sports lawyer is the one who is in charge of defending these criteria to keep the professionalism in this interaction field.


The sports professional translation shows a great demand. For that reason, Mas Ideas Sports has a team composed of interpreters and translators- professionals that have a good command of the sports vocabulary, not only in Spanish, but also in English. They work together with the Agent or the Football Player as their interpreters. We delegate responsibility to them when we need to translate contracts or when we need a simultaneous interpreting in negotiations..


The sports sponsorship is not only a marketing action carried out to promote the sale of products through the sport, but also an action that can transmit values while associating a product to a football club, sportsman or event. Mas Ideas Sports looks for the benefit of the players through agreements. This way, certain sports brands give them products and, consequently, economic and social benefits.


Coordination and control of interviews in media of each person we represent is a task of great importance that need a personalized monitoring. Mas Ideas Sports seeks advice specifically for maximum care of our clients image.

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